Local and Global

Japan is facing a declining birthrate and aging population that no other country in the world has yet experienced. With no hope for domestic economic growth and the remarkable growth of emerging manufacturing countries, MITSU SEIKI has reexamined its raison d’etre.

The theme that emerged was “local and global.

Mitsu Seiki’s vision is to become more globally oriented by further coexisting with the local communities (people, facilities, and environment) that support
Mitsu Seiki’s technological capabilities. The Gunge Factory No. 4 was built for this purpose.

Architecture Rooted in Climate, People, and Society

The Gunge area has the roots of MITSU SEIKI in Awaji Island. The concept of the construction was to be rooted in the local climate, people, and society. The construction of Gujia Plant No. 4 was completed in 2021.
Our goal is to maintain and develop our high technological capabilities by firmly rooting ourselves in the Gunge climate, people, and society, and by nurturing the people and the community.

Architecture Rooted in Climate, People, and Society

– Rooted in the Soil

The factory is located between the ancient Gunge community, which owes its name to the ancient Tsuna Gunge County family, and the mountain range.Behind the factory building, the gentle green ridges of Awaji and the triangular roofs of the houses standing in the village form the landscape.
The triangular roofs of the houses standing in the village form the landscape. In order to plan for the future, we conceived of an architecture suited to the climate of this area.

Rooted in the Soil

– Rooted in People

The building was designed to have a comfortable human scale for employees of the Gunge Factory and visitors, to enjoy the beautiful scenery represented by the Gunge River and the gentle mountains in the background, and to create a cozy.We aimed to create an architecture that will be loved by users by creating a comfortable environment inside and out. The building has a natural appearance that is not overpowering, like an old private house. “Not influenced by transient fads,” The factory has a natural appearance, like that of an old private home, but with a charm that is not found in other buildings.

Rooted in People

– Rooted in Society

The building blends in with the surrounding landscape by providing greenery at the interface with the surrounding environment.The control of the architectural volume will reduce the impact on the distant, mid-range, and near views, and will become the original landscape of the future Gunge and an indispensable part of the local community.
The goal is to create an indispensable presence in the local community.

Rooted in Society
The continuous triangular roof is the symbol of the plant.
Rooted in Society
The exterior of the building has been thoughtfully designed to harmonize with the landscape of the Gunge community. The solar panels are extremely efficient in generating electricity, thanks to the region’s climate, which has the longest hours of sunlight in the Kansai region.Aiming to be carbon neutral and contribute to local and global warming prevention.


It is said that Awaji Island was the first island in the legend of the birth of the nation by Izanagi no Mikoto and Izanami no Mikoto.
Awaji Island which blessed with cultural heritage from ancient times was recognized as a Japan Heritage site under the theme of “Awaji, the Island of the Birth of the Nation.” It is one of the most important places in the history of the Japanese people. In ancient times, Awaji was known as a base for metalworking and other manufacturing activities, and in recent years, with the dramatic improvement in accessibility to the Keihanshin area, the area has become a center for manufacturing in a relaxed environment.
The area is also attracting attention in terms of industry, as its location is valued for its ability to engage in manufacturing in a relaxed environment.

Izanagi ShrineIzanagi Shrine
Planting trees native to the main approach area to the plantPlanting trees native to the main approach area to the plant
Sunset on Awaji IslandSunset on Awaji Island
Picking up fallen leaves around the plantPicking up fallen leaves around the plant


Basic CSR Policy  We are developing our business based on the following CSR policy.

Provide high-quality, safe and reliable products

We will improve the quality of our products by thoroughly implementing manufacturing processes based on work standards, and contribute to the improvement of product safety by ensuring traceability.

Thoroughness of Compliance

We will comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and social norms in our business areas. We also promise to properly manage information obtained through business transactions, and to ensure that confidential information is maintained and leakage is prevented.

Enhancement of Corporate Governance

In addition to compliance, we will enhance corporate governance through continuous education of managers and employees.

Consideration for human rights, labor, safety and health

We will ensure that the human rights, labor environment, and health and safety of our own and our business partners’ employees are adequately protected,
and we will establish a monitoring system.

Disclosure of Information

We will disclose information that should be disclosed to society (environmental and social impact) in a timely manner.

Contribution to local communities and the global environment

We will comply with the Basic Environmental Law and local government ordinances.We will also contribute to local communities and the global environment by reducing the environmental impact of our operations, preventing pollution,and making effective use of resources.